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I May Want to Be and EEO Investigator: What Do I Do Next?

If think being an investigator may be a good fit for you, more likely than not, you’re trying to decide what to do next.   Knowledge is power, so we have developed this list of information to consider in your exploration: Understand what goes into an EEO investigation. EEOC’s Management Directive 110, Chapter 6 is a great place to start: MD-110, Chapter 6 Are you interested in a Federal position or subcontracting: If you’re interested in subcontracting, research firms who offer these services to identify the best fit for you and explore their requirements. I

Career Development, EEO, Investigations

Thinking of Being An EEO Investigator?

Being an EEO investigator can be a lucrative endeavor for the right person. Those of us who are already contract investigators or in the Federal government know it can be difficult, but with the right set of skills, it is quite rewarding. There are many individuals who begin a career investigating after they retire from the government or law enforcement. Others decide to do it in concert with other subcontracting activities, counseling and mediating, for example. If you have been considering whether investigating is the right fit for you, we recommend you do some research.

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Improving Your Influence, Part 3: Become the MVP

In the past 2 posts in this series we’ve been talking about positioning yourself to improve your influence.   We’re going to continue the discussion by focusing on what elevates you to the next level in any organization. Think about whom you consider the most valuable players in your organization or other places you’ve worked.   Now think of any player that has been named MVP, received the Heisman Trophy, or the Jim Thorpe award. What do all of these individuals have in common?  They deliver reliable results, consistently and when the chips are down. There are many who can

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Improving Your Influence, Part 2: Creating Strategic Alliances

This is the second in our series How to Improve Your Influence. In our last post, we discussed assessing where you are. Today we’re going to discuss how to create strategic alliances as part of your strategy. In essence creating strategic alliances is the ability to build coalitions internally and with external organizations to achieve common goals. This ingredient is a component of political savvy. There is often a negative connotation with being “politically savvy”, but really, what about it is viewed so badly? After some quick research, we found a short survey to see

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Improving Your Influence in an Organization… Step 1: Determine Where You Are

This is a part of a series of how you can improve your influence in your organization. Today’s post focus is on assessing where you currently are. Whether you work in the federal government or private sector, your image and reputation is everything. This is true whether you are an employee or a manager, although being a manager creates an even bigger burden because you have to worry about your personal reputation and image, as well as that of the unit or group you manage. In order to improve your influence, image or reputation, you must first take an honest of assessment