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Through the Eyes of New Investigators

We know a lot of people are apprehensive about making a career move to a new field.  Many of our EEO investigator training students made the successful transition into EEO.  We spoke to two of our former students, Steve Minor and Denise Goldner, to get their perspectives.  After completing the online training, Steve and Denise began conducting Federal-sector EEO investigations.   In this post, we share Steve’s perspectives. EEO Investigator Steve Minor, Investigator since August 2015 Before becoming an investigator, what was your professional background? I was in la

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EEOC Decisions Guide EEO Investigators

A valuable source of information for EEO professionals is EEOC’s The Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law.  In the last two Digests, EEOC presented some interesting cases.  We have compiled a list of those that investigators and those who review reports of investigation (ROI) may be interested in… We found this first case serves as a great reminder of what is important and exactly what EEOC expects in a failure to promote claim, including demographic data and the selecting official’s selection history… Investigative Record Inadequate. The Agency issued a decis

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10 Time-Saving Investigative Tips – Part 1

For those of you who are contract investigators, time is money. For agency investigators, the ability to complete more investigations may result in a higher performance rating or awards. We’ve compiled this list of time-savers that can save days off of your investigative timeline to make it a faster and/or bigger payday while enhancing quality. We’ve posted about the value of an investigative plan before, but the value cannot be underestimated. The more you plan your investigation, the more you are able to grasp the complexity, number of witnesses, and need for doc

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Confessions from First-Time Investigators – Updated!

October 2017 Since many of you joined our LinkedIn Certified EEO Investigator Group after successfully completing the EEO Investigator Certification Course  from Art of Resolution, we decided to update some of our past blogs that may be useful to newly certified EEO investigator.  While Art’s training is comprehensive and you’ve given us a great deal of positive feedback, it’s impossible to learn everything about investigations in a 32-hour certification training course. We value the feedback from investigators that have taken our training, as they are in the best po

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I May Want to Be and EEO Investigator: What Do I Do Next?

If think being an investigator may be a good fit for you, more likely than not, you’re trying to decide what to do next.   Knowledge is power, so we have developed this list of information to consider in your exploration: Understand what goes into an EEO investigation. EEOC’s Management Directive 110, Chapter 6 is a great place to start: MD-110, Chapter 6 Are you interested in a Federal position or subcontracting: If you’re interested in subcontracting, research firms who offer these services to identify the best fit for you and explore their requirements. I

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Thinking of Being An EEO Investigator?

Being an EEO investigator can be a lucrative endeavor for the right person. Those of us who are already contract investigators or in the Federal government know it can be difficult, but with the right set of skills, it is quite rewarding. There are many individuals who begin a career investigating after they retire from the government or law enforcement. Others decide to do it in concert with other subcontracting activities, counseling and mediating, for example. If you have been considering whether investigating is the right fit for you, we recommend you do some research.

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Join our New LinkedIn Group!

We are delighted to announce that we have formed a group on LinkedIn called EEO and Diversity Professionals. We created this group as a virtual gathering place for EEO, diversity, conflict management (i.e., ADR) and human resources professionals to exchange perspectives and learn about the latest developments in our fields.  The group is founded on the notion that EEO, diversity, HR and ADR professionals share common interests and that their success is often predicated on their ability to collaboratively address complex human resources issues by creatively integrating their

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Now Available: 32-Hour Online EEO Investigator Certification

We are very excited to announce that today, Friday, January 30th, our much-anticipated Art of Resolution 32-hour online Federal EEO Investigator Certification Course is available.  This self-paced course meets all EEOC certification requirements.  The course has a number of best-in-class features that enhance the learning experience and differentiate it from other online offerings.  Chief among these features are real-time access to instructors, a comprehensive investigator’s manual, and a variety of learning methods such as audio-enhanced PowerPoint presentatio

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Investigating Non-Selection Complaints

In our last post, we discussed how to defend non-selections from a selecting official’s perspective. In this post, we’ll discuss this issue from an investigator’s perspective. Those of us trained as EEO investigators, are familiar with the shifting burdens of proof outlined in McDonnell Douglas v. Green. Of specific note is management’s burden to articulate a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for its actions. In this case, we are looking for management’s reasons for not selecting the complainant. Countless times, we see (as investigators and reviewers of investigatio

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Investigator Tricks of the Trade, Part 5: 5 Essential Qualities Shared by Exceptional Investigators

There are many companies and agencies actively recruiting competent investigators with the tools to perform efficiently and skillfully with minimal orientation. So we asked ourselves whether there were specific experiences, training or skills shared by exceptional investigators. What we found most interesting is that regardless of whether an investigator works for an agency or a private company; or whether they performing investigations as full-time employees or as contractors, investigators who performed consistently well share an exceptional command of investigative t