In our last post, we discussed the first five techniques to save time. Today, we’re sharing the remaining tips:
  • Draft the Summary During Down Time.   Most high-producing/ high-quality investigators make the most of the time they are waiting on responses or documents. They begin drafting the summary based on the agency template. They also summarize the testimony as they receive it. This practice makes reporting writing extremely efficient. It will also enable you to identify gaps in evidence or need for follow-up.
  • Build ROI As You Go. As mentioned in #6, a best practice is to build the ROI (either hard or electronic copy) as you receive documentation. You can paginate and redact as you receive documentation.   It will make final assembly a breeze.
  • Build a Library of Templates. This may seem obvious, but some investigators waste time reinventing the wheel. Keep various types of investigations in an electronic folder so you can use it when you get a similar case. For those of you who are contract investigators, you should also keep a library of agency templates. (You should redact things you keep in your private library.)
  • Invest in PDF Editing Software. Electronic ROIs are now standard. You must be able to work efficiently electronically. To that end, we highly recommend you invest in software that will make pagination. Here is a review of the major programs:

  • Keep Yourself Organized. If you don’t have a system for organizing the documents and affidavits you receive, you’ll be likely to miss something. It’s a good idea to work on your table of contents from the first day you work on a case. List everything you need as an exhibit. Update it as you receive documents. This will let you see exactly what you received and what you are awaiting.

We’d love to hear from those of you who are investigators or reviewers! If you need your 2015 refresher training or 32-hour EEO investigator certification training, check out our online training.

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