We offer consulting in the area of employee and labor relations, as well as training in the complete range of HR services to include recruitment, staffing, classification, employee relations, labor relations, benefits, compensation and training. 

Other HR solutions include workforce planning/staffing models to ensure your organization has the required resources to accomplish the goals.  We can provide assistance with position descriptions and measurable performance standards.  

Administrative Investigations.  Employers recognize the importance of investigating egregious allegations of misconduct. Our impartial administrative investigations into these types of allegations helps an employer preserve or rebuild trust in the work environment and lessen the chance of serious legal ramifications.  

Our investigations avoid the perception of conflict of interest for an employer and produce highly reliable documentary evidence designed to hold up to reviews by adjudicatory bodies such as the Merit Systems Protection Board.  Highly experienced former managers and executives perform all of these administrative investigations. Our investigations are of the highest quality and will be completed promptly.  

Please contact us if you need an administrative investigation, or would like to discuss.

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