Executive and Career Coaching


If you landed on this page, you are either trying to help your staff or help yourself to move ahead in your career.  We can all benefit from someone who can listen to us and help us map out a path forward.  Career coaching is often that secret weapon that can make the difference.  

We offer these services for groups or individuals from certified coaches who are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We adhere to the ICF’s code of ethics.  If you are interested in obtaining coaching services for your work unit or organization, contact us at admin@artofresolution.com.  

If you are an individual who is considering a coach, here is some information for you to consider:

  • Think about what you are trying to achieve?  In other words, what is driving your decision to consider a coach?
  • Making a good match for a coach is important. We’ll have a 30 minute conversation with you to answer any questions you have about the process and what you want to get out of the session(s).  We’ll use this to assess the right coach with whom to pair you.  This 30 minute call is free, and there is no commitment required.
  • Are you ready to do the work?  Your coach will provide you excellent specific advice and consultation, but it will be up to you to implement it.  If you aren’t willing to do the work, you probably aren’t ready for a coach.  
  • Be clear in what you are trying to achieve.  The more specific you are, the more your coach can help you.
  • Rates: $150/hour for career coaching; $220/hour for executive coaching.  

Are you ready for the next step?   If so, email us at admin@artofresolution.com, and one of our coaches will contact you to set up a convenient time to have the first 30 minute (free) consultation). 


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