Now Available: Online 8-Hour Annual EEO Investigator Refresher Training

We’re pleased to announce our annual EEO investigator refresher training is now available online! The theme of this annual refresher training is "back to basics". It provides a review of some of the fundamental things needed to be a well-rounded investigator, as well as providing investigators some updates in relevant EEO case law related to sexual orientation and GINA cases. Investigators will also get some tips on investigating GINA claims. We developed the course after consulting with several reviewers of reports of investigation. The course includes a presentation summa


10 Things You Can Do To Break Into the EEO Field

Changing career fields is never easy, and we are occasionally asked how to break into the EEO field. Here are some steps that have been effective for others trying to get into this field as a Federal employee or as an independent contractor.Study the Opportunities. If you are interested in this field, you’re in good company, as you can see from the many LinkedIn group discussions. A good first step is to research the job opportunities that are currently out there – both Federal and private sectors. Identify the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) which empl

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How to Prepare Parties for a Mediation

Many of us are in a role to support mediation for our agencies or organizations. There is empirical data that demonstrates the most successful mediations occur when both parties come to the session prepared. Yet, there are many instances where the parties participating in the mediation don’t have a basic understanding of what to expect or how to leverage mediation. As professionals in this field, we all have an opportunity to improve the quality of mediation sessions by helping participants prepare. Here are some strategies we have found valuable when preparing parties for

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6 Things You Can Do To Prevent EEO Complaints

There is no magic formula you can follow to prevent an EEO complaint. The best you can do is to take steps to minimize complaints by creating and maintaining a positive work environment. In our last post, we discussed talking managers through their first EEO complaint, but the next question is usually how to avoid complaints. We can all agree with Ben Franklin’s famous axiom, “an ounce a prevention is worth a pound of cure”. To that end, we offer the following strategies… Treat Individuals Fairly and with Transparency: Another well-known axiom is that actions speak l

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I’ve Been Named in an EEO Complaint? Help!!!

Anyone who has been a supervisor in the federal government for more than a few years has likely been named as a responsible management official (RMO) in an EEO complaint.   Many of you in HR, ADR or EEO programs are probably asked for help or advice from managers when they encounter their first complaint.   In this and future postings, we’d like to discuss some strategies for helping supervisors manage how they react to EEO complaints. Many managers recoil with the prospect of having their integrity questioned. Those are the managers we want to help. Talk them down from

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Confessions from First-Time Investigators – Updated!

October 2017 Since many of you joined our LinkedIn Certified EEO Investigator Group after successfully completing the EEO Investigator Certification Course  from Art of Resolution, we decided to update some of our past blogs that may be useful to newly certified EEO investigator.  While Art’s training is comprehensive and you’ve given us a great deal of positive feedback, it’s impossible to learn everything about investigations in a 32-hour certification training course. We value the feedback from investigators that have taken our training, as they are in the best po

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How To Move the Conversation from Diversity to Inclusion

As experts in our respective fields, we are often called as consultants or coaches to help managers in our organizations manage through an ever-changing, diverse workforce. It’s usually in these situations that you discover a basic challenge: most managers oversimplify the diversity issue and forget that diversity without inclusion can hurt an organization. We’d like to offer a real-life example to illustrate this challenge. One of the Art of Resolution principals worked as the HR manager for a small organization, in a small town, whose growth had been stagnate for many

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I May Want to Be and EEO Investigator: What Do I Do Next?

If think being an investigator may be a good fit for you, more likely than not, you’re trying to decide what to do next.   Knowledge is power, so we have developed this list of information to consider in your exploration: Understand what goes into an EEO investigation. EEOC’s Management Directive 110, Chapter 6 is a great place to start: MD-110, Chapter 6 Are you interested in a Federal position or subcontracting: If you’re interested in subcontracting, research firms who offer these services to identify the best fit for you and explore their requirements. I

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Thinking of Being An EEO Investigator?

Being an EEO investigator can be a lucrative endeavor for the right person. Those of us who are already contract investigators or in the Federal government know it can be difficult, but with the right set of skills, it is quite rewarding. There are many individuals who begin a career investigating after they retire from the government or law enforcement. Others decide to do it in concert with other subcontracting activities, counseling and mediating, for example. If you have been considering whether investigating is the right fit for you, we recommend you do some research.

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Join our New LinkedIn Group!

We are delighted to announce that we have formed a group on LinkedIn called EEO and Diversity Professionals. We created this group as a virtual gathering place for EEO, diversity, conflict management (i.e., ADR) and human resources professionals to exchange perspectives and learn about the latest developments in our fields.  The group is founded on the notion that EEO, diversity, HR and ADR professionals share common interests and that their success is often predicated on their ability to collaboratively address complex human resources issues by creatively integrating their