problem-67054_640Allow us to create a solution for you that integrates our expertise in EEO, HR, and conflict resolution.

Art’s holistic approach to managing the complexity of workplace challenges extends to its consultative services.  Art promotes the notion that prevention and early resolution are key to creating and maintaining a discrimination-free work environment and managing conflict.

EEO Consultation
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Building an EEO complaint processing program
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Building a diversity and inclusion program
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] How to effectively deal with challenges that involve both EEO and HR issues
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Assessment or evaluation of EEO program
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”]Assessment of in-house EEO expertise
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Building a diversity and inclusion program
ADR Consultation
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Organizational climate assessment
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Development or evaluation of ADR program
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Advise on challenging workplace conflicts
 HR Consultation
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Reasonable accommodation
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Employee relations issues
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Workforce planning
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Training and development
 Diversity and Inclusion Consultation
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Designing a model EEO program as prescribed by MD-715
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Strategic Planning
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”]Develop and sustaining a diverse workforce
  • [icon name=”icon-puzzle-piece”] Develop diversity plans
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