Meet our leadership team…


Rosa Franco

Certified-Professional-CoachRosa Franco, a certified professional coach, is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Art of Resolution, LLC, a women-owned small business.  Ms. Franco is a retired member of the Federal Senior Executive Service with extensive experience guiding the strategic direction of major human resources programs.  Her experience directing department-wide policies on managing workplace disputes uniquely positions her to provide expert consultation on management and resolution of complex and high profile workplace conflicts, EEO complaints, and diversity and inclusion challenges.  During 35 years of Federal service, Ms. Franco cultivated an extensive and wide-ranging network which allows her to offer business development strategies for companies to successfully market their capabilities to potential Federal clients.  

Alison MangelsAlison Mangels is co-founder of the Art of Resolution, and its Chief Operating Officer.  Ms. Mangels joined Art after a more than 20-year career with the Federal government.  She is a seasoned senior manager and equal employment opportunity (EEO) professional with certifications in EEO counseling, investigations and mediation.  She has extensive expertise developing and guiding EEO complaint processing services for a large Federal agency.  Her proven diverse and wide-ranging experience allows her to offer dynamic conflict management, diversity and inclusion, and EEO consultation to managers while also being able to provide hands-on direction for delivering transactional EEO and ADR services.


Alan Taylor  Alan Taylor is co-founder and Art of Resolution’s Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Taylor, a retired service-connected veteran of the United States Army and former Human Resources Officer within the federal government, has extensive expertise in guiding the strategic direction of human resources management. While serving as CFO for a private firm, Mr. Taylor oversaw the company’s capital structure and served as controller and treasurer.  Mr. Taylor’s experience in the human resources management field allows him to offer expert consultation on how to successfully manage complex workplace employee issues and train the management team in a manner to successfully meet the goals of an organization. With a focus on customer service and accountability, he is able to assist management to boost employee morale while simultaneously increasing productivity.


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