Attention to EEO, conflict management, and diversity makes good business sense.  Stay ahead of potential EEO-related lawsuits by being proactive.  Art of Resolution can help you…

  • Conduct sexual harassment investigations.
  • Determine the level of current workplace conflict;
  • Develop a staffing plan to improve diversity;
  • Conduct an EEO investigation to position you for if an EEOC charge is filed; 
  • Conduct an investigation in allegations of misconduct.
  • Develop an internal investigative protocol;
  • Identify the potential for EEO-related lawsuits;
  • Explore potential solutions for issues;
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations; 
  • Build an early warning system to avoid costly litigation;
  • Build diversity while fostering a sense of inclusion in order to improve productivity while retaining and attracting talent;
  • Minimize your risk of EEOC scrutiny.

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