If you work for a Federal agency and are interested in obtaining our EEO and diversity-related services, you can reach us via GSA’s Federal Supply Service.











Authorized Federal Supply List Schedule Price List for the Following Services:

  •  EEO Counseling
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Letters of Accept/Dismiss
  • EEO Investigations
  • Final Agency Decisions
  • EEO, Diversity, and ADR-Related Training & Consulting
  • Other EEO-Related Services: Compensatory Damages Investigations, Breach of Settlement Agreement Determinations; Supplemental Investigations; Misconduct Investigations; Resolution Attempt and Report of Investigation Regarding Intent to Sue Under ADEA; and EEO Consulting

Our GSA contract number is GS-02F-027GA

Category 561EEO, OLM

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