We offer a variety of EEO services from transactional work to consulting and training and assessments…

EEO Counseling
  • Our team has Federal and private sector experience with resolving workplace disputes.  
  • Our process adheres to the primary goals of the counseling stage in the Federal EEO complaint process, as prescribed by 29 C.F.R 1614
  • Our signature approach to counseling is to apply mediation and reconciliation techniques during the counseling process which results in a greater number of cases resolved during the counseling stage. 
  • Our quality and timeliness is exceptional.
EEO Investigations
  • Our senior investigators have years of Federal experience investigating EEO complaints. 
  • Our process conforms to 29 C.F.R. 1614, EEOC’s directives and the contracting agency’s requirements.  
  • Our investigations meet all regulatory requirements, and yield a thorough, impartial and appropriate factual record upon which the contracting agency or EEOC can adjudicate the complaint.
Procedural Reviews and Final Agency Decisions

We perform procedural acceptability determinations and final agency decisions (FAD) on EEO complaints.  Decisions are based on 29 C.F.R 1614, EEOC directives and a comprehensive analysis of the most current case law.  Legal citations to clearly establish the scope of the investigation or defend the decision on appeal are hallmarks of Art’s procedural acceptability determinations and FADs. 

EEO Assessments
  • Trends in informal contacts and formal complaint activity.
  • Frequency of claims and bases raised in EEO complaints.
  • Number of individuals filing more than one complaint.
  • Review of current pending complaint activity.
  • Resolution efforts and their effectiveness.
  • Disposition of formal complaints.
  • Effectiveness of EEO committees and collaboration with employees, managers, union officials, Human Resources and General Counsel.
  • Review of EEO policies (including how they are communicated to staff).
  • Review of EEO complaint files maintained by the agency.
  • Review of standard operating procedures used by the EEO office.
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